Understand Your Cat Behaviour

We are usually drawn to cats because of their independent nature, but that same independent nature can cause certain behavior problems that we just don't know how to deal with, and this is usually the reason why so many cats are given up for adoption. An essential key in getting your cat to change his behavior is to catch the unwanted behavior early on. Most owners let a bad behavior go on to long. The longer a behavior goes on the harder it is to change. The following tips will help … [Read more...]

Why Cats Eat Grass

This article will explain to you about one of the cats unique behaviours: grazing. One of the biggest mistakes made by cat owners is they prevent their cat to eat grass. Maybe they think grass can upset cat's stomach or make them ill. It is so cute and funny to see cats eating grass. Eating grass is something natural, not just to domestic cats, but also to wild and feral cats. In fact, this natural behaviour is an indication cats are healthy and something that you should not worry … [Read more...]

Toys For Cats

Many owners love their pets a lot and would love to provide every comfort they require. Pet owners especially who own a cat would be disappointed and frustrated when they find out that the new toy they have bought for their kitty is not really keeping him entertained. As cats are indoor pets spending their complete day in the house in a single place, they require some proper and standard toys that can actually catch their attention. Cats are considered as very intelligent animals. They … [Read more...]

The Right Diet For Cats

A common concern, particularly for owners of overweight cats is, what is the most appropriate diet for cats? You can't buy a tiny treadmill for your cat. It's very important in helping your cat lose weight to feed her a nutritious, balanced diet. The appropriate diet for an overweight cat is nutritionally balanced food which consists of approximately 40 percent meat-derived protein, about 14 percent fat, and less than 18 percent carbohydrates. Moisture content will usually be between 70 to … [Read more...]

Your Cat’s Needs

It is a common misconception that cats are a "feed them and forget about them" pet. While cats aren't necessarily difficult creatures to look after, you might be better suited to take a fish as a pet if you want a little to no attention pet. We're going to talk about the basic physical and psychological needs of a cat to help you better understand the responsibilities that caring for a cat entails. The dietary needs of a cat are fairly simple to satisfy. The three basic types of cat … [Read more...]

Lovely Kittens

Owning a cat takes a little work but gives back a whole lot of pleasure in return. Here are some ideas on how to make your new kitty feel at home, while giving you peace of mind. It is a transition to own a new pet, so take it step by step and don't be afraid. If you have a small kitten, make sure to handle it a lot, gently showing it that you are someone it can trust. Put a ticking clock in where its bed is, the soothing sound mimics the mother cat's heartbeat. If you are keeping the … [Read more...]

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