Your Pet Dog

He will be there by your side, as your loving companion - he will offer you protection if ever the need arises. Pet dog owners in turn must know how to look after their pet dog, and be responsible for it. The dog's needs are simple and easy to follow. When puppies come home they need lots of love and attention. They may stress a little at first, as this is probably the first time they are away from their mother and their littermates. It is important that you begin the process of … [Read more...]

Keeping Your Dog’s Bed Clean

Dogs are not known for their hygiene habits... and you only have to witness the standard nose-to-backside greeting of one dog to another to realize this! This means that no matter how pretty your dog bed looks in the catalogue, you'll need to put a fair bit of effort into keeping it up to human hygiene needs and odor-standards! Whether your dog bed is a box-spring mattress, a simple blanket or duvet inside a dog cage or an elaborately padded filled construction, today we have 10 tips to … [Read more...]

Top Dogs Toys

Top dogs deserve safe, fun toys but unlike our furry friends all toys for dogs were not created equal. It is an accepted fact that dogs who have nothing to do and are therefore bored, often are misbehaved - all dogs need physical exercise and mental stimulation. Owners cannot always be on hand to take their dog for a walk or play with them for whatever reason. A few well chosen toys is the answer to keep your dog happy and content. There are many types of toys for dogs such as … [Read more...]

Dog & Puppy Toilet Training

Potty training your dog Toilet training, or as it is sometimes referred to, potty training a dog or a puppy is generally thought of as being a difficult, onerous task. It is common for new dog owners to resign themselves to the fact that their puppy will toilet inside on a regular basis until it is old enough to know better. A few simple considerations when toilet training In fact this does not need to be the case. Dog potty training is actually very simple. There are two major … [Read more...]

Dog Training

There is a lot of dog training information available. You will find everything from training a new puppy, to dealing with a barking dog, and just about everything in between. This information will indeed be helpful and necessary if you have a new puppy in your home. Many people believe that they can housebreak a puppy by "rubbing their nose in it" when they have had an accident. This does not work. All it really does is scare and humiliate your best friend and can actually make the … [Read more...]

Dog Food Recipes

Most of the dogs are treated as family member rather than a pet by the owners these days. Dog lovers try to ensure every facility possible for their dogs. Healthy dog food recipes are one of major concern for the owners. Proper and healthy food is very much essential for the perfect growth of dog. A large variety of dogs food available in the market today. Owners sometime get confused whether to feed outside food or homemade food to their dog. But many people suggest to homemade food is … [Read more...]

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