The Ideal Fish Tank Size

Fish tanks have intrigued people for a lot of years. Nowadays, it can be simpler than ever before to possess your own home fish tank setup by having an aquarium along with a great collection of fish. However which size aquarium is the most suitable? Fish tanks vary from the ultra small 2 gallon size which you could most likely only hold a pet snail inside into the enormous 1000 gallon fish tanks that could possibly occupy almost your entire garage! An aquarium that is around 50 gallons … [Read more...]

Goldfish Care

Goldfish care: in  5 simple steps what you need to know to  keep them happy 1. Do set up their aquarium before you buy any goldfish Don't buy goldfish and their home in the pet store on the same day. Instead, set up the tank with gravel, decorations and a filter in good spot (one that is quiet, away from a window or radiator, and near a power supply) and fill it with water, then switch on any pumps you're using. It takes time for chlorine and other chemicals in tap water that can harm … [Read more...]

Good Plants For Fish Tanks

Plants can help enhance the look of your fish tank but did you know that they also provide your fish with a great place to spawn and hide? Not only are fish tank plants decorative, they actually help to keep your aquarium water healthy for the fish by reducing the carbon dioxide level. The key to growing plants in your fish tank is the lighting. Most plants require high levels of light and if you have tried to put plants in your tank only to have them wither and die after a few weeks, … [Read more...]

Funny Pet Names For Fish

Children love the thought of having pet fish, and letting them pick out funny pet names for fish can be a great way to do some family bonding and have some fun together. Your kids will love the fact that they get to be a part of naming the fish and will have a blast doing so. So how do you go about finding the perfect funny pet name for fish? You can start by making a list of the funniest words you know and let the kids step in and think of silly words that make them laugh. Next, you … [Read more...]

Your First Pet Fish

Are you new to the world of pet fish keeping? With so many different varieties to choose from, it can be a bit overwhelming. Here are a few types of freshwater fish that make excellent pets for the beginner as well as the advanced aquarist (fish keeper). Betas Betas are the beautiful fish you see displayed in small bowls at your local pet store. They have long flowing fins of red, purple or blue and are extremely easy to care for. The only drawback of Betta fish is that they must be … [Read more...]

Fish That Clean Your Aquarium

Maintaining an aquarium can be an ongoing task but you can lighten the load of little bit by buying fish and other creatures that you part of the work for you. These fish are scavengers that feed on the any food on the bottom of the crater rim as well as the algae. When buying these kinds of fish you need to be careful of the kind that you buy us some can exist peacefully with your other fish while others will attack them. One of the toughest problems In maintaining a tank is keeping … [Read more...]

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