Choosing a Pet Bird

Birds make great pets and with some many varieties it’s not easy to choose one that is right for you. Each breed of bird has their own characteristics and choosing one would depend on what your expectations are.

Parrots are a very popular choice not only do they look great with their bright feathers but they are a very sociable bird, they love to interact and they can create a real bond between themselves and the owner. They love to talk and will often mimic the owner by repeating what they say. They do this not to poke fun, just to show of their intelligence. This is what comes naturally to them.

Parrots can be very loud and will squawk and talk for many hours. They are hard to ignore and if you do then they just raise the tempo in protest. They really do not like to be left on their own so if you have been out of the house for long periods then you will have some serious interacting to catch up on.

Budgerigars are basically small parrots though their temperament and personality is quite different. They are very sociable birds too but in a more gentle and laid back manner. They also love to interact with the owner but they do not sulk as much when they are left on their own. Place a few toys in the cage such as ladders, balls and mirrors and they can amuse themselves.

Finches are the type of bird that you can leave on their own. They really do enjoy their own Company and will not sulk if you should go out for long periods. These are the types of birds that you watch and admire as opposed to becoming sociable with.

African Grey’s are a very popular bird to own though they can be very expensive. They are very good speakers but crave attention so if you are someone who has to leave the home for long periods then maybe this is not the bird for you.

Cockatoos are for the dedicated owner who is at home all day. This is a full on relationship and it can be very rewarding as you will become a great team together. But these birds can be very temperamental. If they are left on their own they will protest by becoming a little aggressive and may start to self harm by pulling out their feathers. They just want to be loved, given the attention they crave and be part of the family. They also love music and can be very amusing when they dance with their head bobbing around with the quill on the top. Many cockatoos are sold on or given away as they can get a little too much for the owner.

Take your time when choosing a pet bird. Each has their own characteristics and personality so you should choose one that you feel you will be able to bond with so you form a relationship that suits you both. Pet birds are a serious commitment so you should do some research first before making a final decision.

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