Why Cats Eat Grass

This article will explain to you about one of the cats unique behaviours: grazing.

One of the biggest mistakes made by cat owners is they prevent their cat to eat grass. Maybe they think grass can upset cat’s stomach or make them ill.

It is so cute and funny to see cats eating grass. Eating grass is something natural, not just to domestic cats, but also to wild and feral cats. In fact, this natural behaviour is an indication cats are healthy and something that you should not worry about. And cats really like the taste of grass.

Cats are very skilled in finding healthy diet supplements, one of them can come from grass.

Even though grass has a low value of nutrition (it contains only fibre), they need it to get rid of poisons. Beside that, this behaviour is good for them to relieve stomach aches, and inflammation on their throats. Eating grass also helps cat to cough up fur balls. Grass also contains chlorophyll, a natural remedy for pain, infection, anemia and skin disease.

Warning and tips:

Do not let your cat eat house plants since some of them are toxic for him. Some cats can’t see the difference between safe and dangerous plants. It is better if you have grass available in your house to make sure if the grass is healthy for your cat. If needed, you can add a folic acid supplement to your cat’s food.

Make sure you obtain advice as much as you can from the veterinarian when buying a new house plant.

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